Before You Buy Your Next Home, Do These 5 Things!

Before You Buy Your Next Home, Do These 5 Things!
June 3, 2019 Lindona

When deciding to build a new home for you and your family, there are A LOT of things to consider. Before laying down the foundations of your new home build, it’s important to do your research. No matter if it’s your first, second or even third time building a new home, there’s still a lot of information to consider. We’ve put together this article to help anyone who’s preparing to build their next new home.


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The most essential aspect to consider when preparing to build your new home is your budget. Being realistic about your financial goals, researching government grants and organising your finances through a mortgage broker will help you set the foundations of what you can afford. Setting up your budget by having a clear plan on where to put your money, will prepare your family financially for the future. It will also inform your building contractors what features and materials to invest in based on what matters to you most.


The second most important step to consider before buying your next home is finding the RIGHT builder. You’re probably wondering, how does one find the right builder. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a little checklist to make sure you hire the right guys (and girls) for the job!

      • Are they licensed, insured and have a good financial reputation? Ensuring your builder is fully licensed, insured and has a good financial reputation will give you the peace of mind that they can be trusted.
      • Research their previous builds and ask about their suppliers. When building your new home. It’s important to have peace of mind and trust in your builders. Knowing that your builders use quality materials is a great way to show their builds stand the test of time.
      • Ask to meet the Project Manager. This is where you can ask all the burning questions, such as:
        1. How often can we meet onsite during the build to discuss things?
        2. What is our projected completion date?
        3. Can they build to my family’s needs?


Choosing the ideal suburb for your family to live in can be a tricky balance between lifestyle and convenience. Some things you will want to consider are your home’s proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping centres, childcare, entertainment, transport, parks and the overall vibe of the area. Try spending a full day in the suburb with your family, exploring all of these things and take a moment to envision your family growing up in this neighbourhood. If it fills you with joy and wonder, then it’s meant to be!


Deciding on the type of design and style for your home would have to be the most exciting part of the journey (aside from handing over the keys). Maybe you’re a fan of a Hamptons style home, or perhaps you might LOVE the look of the classic Queenslander. Whichever style you’re leaning towards, it’s important to understand your family’s values, lifestyle and needs before deciding your home’s design style. If your family loves to entertain, then including a patio or deck for entertaining friends and family should be listed as an essential part of your design. Or perhaps your family enjoys watching movies together? If so, you’ll need to ensure your living room is designed equipped to fit the whole family. It’s also important when deciding on the style and design of your home, to look towards the future and imagine your family going through different life stages.


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Future proofing your home so that it can be resold should be at the forefront of your mind before committing to any new home build. As your home is your largest asset, you should ensure that once your family has grown up and left home, you can have the peace of mind your home will give you back what you need to move forward with your life.

If you’ve been looking for a builder to construct your next new home, the team at Lindona will work closely with you throughout each stage of building your new home in Queensland with complete transparency. Throughout the 24-week building process, you’ll work alongside our team to design, build and customise your home to be just as you’ve dreamt it.

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